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Setara Kelas : XII ( duabelas )

I. Answer the questions bellow by choosing the best answer a, b, c, d, or e!
Answer the questions number 1-5 based on the story below!

It was about 7 p.m. I was studying in my room when my brother, Yuda, suddenly vomitted. My mother and I were very panick, so we took him to the nearest clicic. When we arrived there, nurses laid him on a stretcher. They took him to the doctor’s room, where the doctor asked my mother questions.
Finally, the doctor said that Yuda would be fine by dinner tme. He told Yuda to eat nutritious food. The food had to contain carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. My mother looked very relieved because Yuda was not seriously ill.
1. When did Yuda vomit?
a. In the afternoon
b. In the morning
c. In the evening
d. After dinner
e. After school
2. What did the doctor do after examining Yuda?
a. He brought Yuda to the treatment room.
b. He told Yuda to eat nutritious food.
c. He told the nurse to lay him down.
d. He asked Yuda questions.
e. He didn’t do anything.
3. What does the nutritious food contain of?
a. The answers of a, b, c and d are correct.
b. It contains of carbohydrates.
c. It contains of vitamins.
d. It contains of minerals.
e. It contains of proteins.
4. What was the writer doing when his brother suddenly vomitted?
a. He was playing football with his friends.
b. He was studying in his room.
c. He was cleaning the house.
d. He was having breakfast.
e. He was sleeping.
5. My mother looked very relieved because Yuda was not seriously ill. The synonym of the underlined word is…..
a. Angry
b. Glad
c. Sick
d. Mad
e. Sad
6. Bali is one of beautiful………in Indonesia. There are many tourists come to visit Bali.
a. Mountain
b. Province
c. Country
d. Island
e. City

Answer the questions number 7 to 10 based on the text below!
7. What is the text about?
a. It is about announcement of competition.
b. It is about announcement of final test.
c. It is about advertisement of job.
d. It is about birthday invitation.
e. It is about school news.
8. When will the competition be held on?
a. On Saturday December 15th 20018
b. On Saturday December 8th 20018
c. On Monday December 3rd 20018
d. On Friday December 7th 20018
e. On Sunday December 9th 20018
9. What competition will be held on Saturday?
a. Poetry Reading competition
b. Story Reading competition
c. Story Telling competition
d. Spelling competition
e. Theatre competition
10. Where will the competition be held in?
a. It will be held in Ambarrukmo mall’s hall
b. It will be held in Malioboro mall’s hall
c. It will be held in Jogja citymall’s hall
d. It will be held in Hartono mall’s hall
e. It will be held in Galeria mall’s hall
Answer the questions number 11-15 based on the dialogue below.

Carey : I heard you won the first prize of spelling competition. (11)…………….dear!
Jacey : (12)…………………., it is because of your support, Sister.
Carey : I am (13)…………….!
Jacey : Thanks. I believe you can do that too..
11. a. Happy anniversary
b. Happy birthday
c. Congratulations
d. Good news
e. Good luck
12. a. You are really nice
b. don’t mention it
c. Thank you
d. Of course
e. Okay
13. a. Happy to see you
b. Glad to see you
c. Happy of you
d. Proud of you
e. Sad of you
14. Which of the following sentece is correct?
a. Jacey and Carey won the first prize of spelling competition.
b. Carey won the first prize of storytelling competition.
c. Jacey won the first prize of storytelling competition.
d. Jacey won the first prize of spelling competition.
e. Carey won the first prize of spelling competition.

15. Did Jacey win the second prize of spelling competition?
a. Yes she does.
b. No she didn’t.
c. No she isn’t.
d. Yes she did.
e. Yes she is.

Answer the questions number 16-20 based on the text below!

Bali Bird Park is a large aviary. It has more than 1000 birds. It is located in Singapadu, Bali. The park was opened in September 1995 by Edi Swoboda.
Edi Swoboda is a dedicated naturist since childhood. He has lived in Bali for many years. It is his dream to create a bird park. He designed every detail of the gardens and aviaries. He placed original artifacts from different places in Indonesia. The artifacts made Bali Bird Park more interesting.
16. What kind of text is it ?
a. Descriptive
b. Procedure
c. Narrative
d. Recount
e. Fabel

17. Where is the location of Bali Bird Park?
a. It is in Semarang, Central Java
b. It is in Singapadu, Bali
c. It is in Denpasar, Bali
d. It is in Singaraja, Bali
e. It is in Batu, East Java
18. When was the Bali Bird Park opened?
a. It was opened in September 1995
b. It was opened in September 1996
c. It was opened in December 1995
d. It was opened in November 1995
e. It was opened in September 1998
19. He designed every detail of the gardens and aviaries. “He”in the sentence refers to…
a. Edi Swoboda
b. The artifacts
c. The aviary
d. The park
e. The bird
20. What did Edi Swoboda place in order to make Bali Bird Park more interesting?
a. Many kinds of bird in Indonesia
b. Original Indonesia artifacts
c. Beautiful garden
d. Beautiful aviary
e. 1000 birds

Answer the question number 21-25 based on the text below!
My grandma…..(21)…. cooking. Cooking is her hobby. …..(22)…..always has wonderful ideas for my dinner everyday. Today she…..(23)… soup. I invite my best friends, Sussie and Tina, to our house to taste the soup.
…..(24)… soup very much and tell my grandma to open a restaurant because they think many people like soup. If my grandma opens a restaurant, she will make much money because of….(25)…..
a. Doesn’t love
b. Doesn’t like
c. Loves
d. Love
e. Have
a. They
b. She
c. We
d. He
e. I
a. Cooking
b. Cooks
c. Needs
d. Cook
e. Need

a. Sussie
b. They
c. She
d. He
e. I
a. Their hobby
b. His hobby
c. Her hobby
d. My hobby
e. Our hobby
26. The picture tells us information about….
a. an announcement of competition.
b. an advertisement of product.
c. an advertisement of job
d. a birthday invitation
e. a school news.
27. Recepsionist : Family Restaurant, can I help you?
Jane : Yes please, …….for next Sunday morning.
Recepsionist : I am afraid we can’t. We are fully booked this month.
a. I’d like to cancel my reservation.
b. I’d like to reserve two tables.
c. I need to reserve a room.
d. I really need your help.
e. I want to book a ticket.
28. Customer : Excuse me, I have my cellphone repaired last week. But it still didn’t work.
Shopkeeper: …………..
Customer : Thank you.
a. Why don’t you check it yourself?
b. Don’t come to me please!
c. I’m not sure about that.
d. I’m sorry to hear that.
e. Let me check it.
29. Andi :Which paintings…….be exhibited tomorrow?
Tom : We don’t know yet, they are being selected by a team now
a. Are going to
b. Is going to
c. Have been
d. Has being
e. Is being
30. A :The air conditioning in my room is broken. What should I do?
B : You should……… expert to fix it.
a. Has called
b. Calling
c. Called
d. Calls
e. Call

Answer the questions number 31-33 based on the dialogue below.
Bob : What are you doing Uncle?
Bagus : I am waiting for Taxi.
Bob : Can I do for you Uncle?
Bagus : Sure… please call the Taxi.
Bob : Where will you go?
Bagus : I’ll go to airport. Thank you anyway.
Bob : Don’t mention it, take care Uncle.

31. What does the text express?
a. It expresses about giving an invitation
b. It expresses about offering a help
c. It expresses about telling a news
d. It expresses about giving an idea
e. It expresses about seeking a job.
32. Which statement is true?
a. Bob and Bagus are going to go to the airport
b. Bagus is offering a help to Bob to call Taxi.
c. Bob is offering a helpto Bagus to call Taxi.
d. Bagus is calling Taxi by himself.
e. Bob is going to go to the airport.
33. Which sentence belowdoes express about offering a help?
a. What are you doing?
b. Where will you go?
c. I will go to Airport
d. Please call the taxi!
e. Can I do for you?

Answer the questions number 34-36based on the text below

Indonesia TV broadcasted dramatic smartphone footage of the tsunami’s waves hitting Palu, causing people to scream and run in fear.
The water was at least 3 metres high when it arrived on land and is thought to have been 6 metres in some areas.
Bodies covered in blue and yellow tarps lined the streets of Palu, and officials said they were diggling a mass grave for at least 300 of the dead.

34. What do you think the text tells about?
a. It tells about news of volcanic eruption.
b. It tells about news of bomb explotion.
c. It tells us about news of earthquake.
d. It tells us about news of tsunami.
e. It tells about news of poverty.
35. Where did the dissaster happen?
a. It happened in Manokwari
b. It happened in Palembang
c. It happened in Makassar
d. It happened in Manado
e. It happened in Palu
36. The text above is in the form of………
a. Descriptive
b. Narrative
c. Recount
d. Report
e. Fabel
37. My father’s family live in the……….of Indonesia, Jakarta.
a. Capital city
b. Small town
c. Village
d. Suburb
e. Island
38. The following sentences tell about the fact of Japan, except…..
a. Japan is the country of sakura flower.
b. The capital city of Japan is Tokyo.
c. Japan is famous of its kimono.
d. Japan is in Asia Continent.
e. Japan is a tropical country.
39. Indonesia is called as an…… because it has more than 14.000 islands.
a. White elephant
b. Sakura flower
c. Archipelago
d. Uncle Sam
e. Kangaroo

40. ……occured in Palu few months ago. Indonesia was in a deep condolence.
a. Volcanic eruption
b. Earthquake
c. Robbery
d. Tornado
e. Flood

II. Read the advertisement of job below carefuly and answer the questions!

1. What position is Mentari Kasih School seeking for?
2. What qualifications are required for the position?
3. When is the last date to apply?
4. What do you submit if you are the applicant?
5. Will you apply to Mentari Kasih School if you read this job advertisement? Give your reason!

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