A. The surfer is beside his board
B. The surfer is in the water
C. The surfer is on his board
D. The surfer is on the beach

A. The boy is in front of the computer
B. The boy is looking behind the computer
C. The computer is next to a desk
D. The boy is fixing the computer

A. The dishes are next to the sink
B. The sink is full of dishes
C. The dishes are broken
D. The sink is full of water

A. There are a lot of tools in the workshop
B. The man is sitting in the shop
C. The shelves in the room are empty
D. The man is opening the door

5. Why don’t you wait for me downstairs?
A. We waited for hours
B. Okay, look for me by the front door
C. Yes, my weight has gone down

6. Did you like the hotel you stayed?
A. I thought it was very pleasant
B. Yes, I would like some
C. We stayed three nights

7. Could you tell me how to get to the National Museum?
A. It has many priceless pieces of art
B. It is far away from here
C. Take the orange line subway stop 29


Man: Can you make some copies of this document? I really need them.
Woman: I’m sorry. The copier is broken and the repairer cannot come until tomorrow.
Man: Oh. Tomorrow is too late.

8. What will the man probably do next?
A. He will fix the copier.
B. He will help the woman.
C. He will wait until the next day.
D. He will find another photocopy shop.

Woman: I need to call the office to confirm the time of the meeting. May I use your telephone?
Man: Sure. Go ahead. You can find it on my desk next door.
Woman: Thanks. I’ll be right back.

9. What did the woman do?
A. She confirmed a ticket.
B. She asked for permission.
C. She found the telephone.
D. She wanted to call her friend.

Man: Good afternoon. Can I reserve a table for this evening? No smoking area, please.
Woman: Certainly. How many people are there in your party?
Man: Six. We’ll be there at seven o’ clock.

10. What is the man doing?
A. He is having a party.
B. He is confirming a reservation.
C. He is ordering a set of furniture
D. He is reserving a place at a restaurant.

Man: I’ve got two tickets for Quantum Solace at Planet Hollywood, tonight. Would you like to come?
Woman: I’d love to. Shall we meet at the theater or will you pick me up?

11. How does the woman react?
A. She refuses to go out.
B. She will pick up the man.
C. She accepts the invitation
D. She enjoys the movie very much.

Questions number 12 and number 13 refer to the following announcement.
Good afternoon, passengers of Flight 117 nonstop to Mataram. We are sorry to announce that the flight is delayed for sixty minutes due to technical problems. Dinner is provided. Please proceed to Garuda Lounge. We are happy to serve you.

12. What did the announcer apologize for?
A. Passenger ticket
B. Postponed flight
C. Financial problem
D. Late announcement 13. What is served in the lounge?
A. Coffee and tea
B. Bread and fruit
C. Food and drink
D. Lunch and dinner

Dunthorps’ big summer sale is now going on. Yes, our annual July sale bonanza starts July first, and there are literally hundreds of bargains to be had. Reductions of up to fifty percent on menswear; men’s suits have been slashed from $400 down to $300. Men’s coats regularly selling for $200 are now just $150. It’s crazy! But it’s not just men who have reasons to be pleased. There are bargains galore for the ladies too with up to thirty percent off on top brand names. And this year we’ve extended our sale to other departments too. There are huge savings available in kitchenware and home furnishings. But don’t delay! Dunthorps’ big summer sale stars July first and ends July 31st.

14. What kind of store is Dunthorps?
A. Clothing
B. Furniture
C. Department
D. Kitchenware

15. When does the sale end?
A. July 1st
B. July 15th
C. End of July
D. Mid-August

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